Company Overview

We create awesome mobile apps for iOS AND Android Mobile devices

Company Overview

Chumma Apps, LLC is the brain child of our founder, Aimee Joshua. With a desire to help people, she launched Chumma Apps, LLC with the intention of providing a place for people to find apps that are of a benefit to their lives. Aimee is very active in the company, and personally reviews each app before it is approved to ensure it lives up to Chumma Apps, LLC’s goal to provide a positive impact on the lives of our customers.

Our Plans

We at Chumma Apps, LLC have created a business plan that will expand our catalog of apps, while maintaining a selective process as to which apps we provide. We have no intention of creating apps that can be found anywhere. Rather, we want to ensure our apps are unique experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission at Chumma Apps, LLC is to create apps that have a positive impact on the lives of our customers – either by helping them with a day-to-day problem, or by entertaining them. We want to improve the lives of our customers, one app at a time.