How does the Watermark functionality work?

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How does the Watermark functionality work?

  • After you select and purchase “Enable Watermark” from the menu screen, the Watermark Stamp icon will be activated. When you click on the Watermark Stamp icon, the Watermark options will appear at the bottom of the app. These options include
    • Watermark Image – Toggles your Watermark between text and an image. For best image results, it is recommended you use a PNG image w/a transparent background.
    • Transparency – Adjusts the opacity/transparency of the Watermark using a sliding scale, where 0 is invisible/transparent and 1.0 is opaque/non-transparent.
    • Rotate – Adjusts the rotation of the Watermark on a sliding scale from 0 degrees to 360 degrees.
    • Resize – To resize the Watermark, using two fingers, pinch to scale it down or expand to scale the image up, as desired.
    • Remove Watermark – Clicking on the ‘X’ image icon in the upper-left hand corner will remove the Watermark from the DuoPix image. To return the Watermark to the project, tap on the Watermark Stamp icon.

*NOTE* Use of the Watermark is a one-time In-App purchase.

Where are my Past Projects and DuoPix Photos?

To reopen a Saved Project, go to View Saved Projects under the Main Menu. This will display all of the projects you have saved to date. Please remember that any projects you resave, will reflect the date and time it was initially saved.


In order to access past DuoPix pictures that you may have created from your phone, you need to have actively saved it to your camera roll or DuoPix album (if option is selected under Settings). The autosaving of “finished” DuoPix photos is not a feature we support in this version.